Proposed Pattern for IIT JEE (Advanced) 2014 Exam !!!

There is a buzz about the new pattern of the IIT-JEE (Advanced) exam for 2014.  IIT-Bombay has proposed a new pattern for JEE (Advanced) for admission to the IIT’s in 2014. According to this proposal, the exams will not have Multiple Choice Questions. It will consist of Subjective questions, however students will not be encouraged to write lengthy and time consuming answers.

The current format for IIT-JEE (Advanced) 2013 is Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), with one correct answer or with multiple correct answers.  In this format the student has to choose one correct answer from the four options given or more than one correct option, depending on which set the question is from.  The coaching institutes are figuratively cramming up students with a hundred different ways to solve the problem; it has increased the volume of students qualifying for further studies.  The main concern for IIT’s is to get candidates for engineering or science, not only getting students who are good at cracking multiple concepts but also who are good in school curriculum and in whole, personality development.

How the New Pattern will Work?

According to the Proposal by IIT- Bombay, the new pattern will consist of questions will be subjective.  The students will be asked to solve the questions and only write the answers for it. There won’t be any compulsory requirement to write a step-wise solution to the problems. Even the descriptive answers will be in a new format. They will either be in the form of ‘Fill in the blanks’ or ‘complete the following’.  There will be no options given at all. Students will have to find the answers on their own.

Reasons for the New Proposed Changes:

Currently the students choose their answers from the options given to them. Many believe that it cannot be the basis to judge a student’s performance. Even though they may solve problem to get to the correct answer, their understanding of the subject cannot be judged from it.  Once the new format comes into effect, it will enable the student to work out the problems on their own and get the answers. With no options provided as it’s done for MCQ, it will be a practical approach to test the subject understanding of students.

A Professor said, “A right answer can be arrived at by smartly eliminating three wrong ones. Students should be able to solve the problems independently; then their performances can be judged”.

IIT-B director Devang Khakhar said, “The proposed format is somewhere between the two formats. Students will not have to write long, descriptive answers. They will have to get answers on their own as there will be no options.” The proposed format will test students on their understanding of the subject.

The new format has not been approved yet. It is yet to be approved by the other IITs. After they accept the proposal, it will be presented at the Joint Admission Board (JAB) meeting.

It is still not sure whether it will be approved or not. That’s still left for another year. As of now, the students appearing for JEE Advanced 2013 will have to prepare according to the format as it is with multiple choice questions and choose the correct answers.



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